We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest in new technology – following are a few examples of the latest and greatest in eye-care:


Digital Retinal Camera

We have the ability to photo document many conditions of the retina (back of the eye). This is very valuable in following such conditions as glaucoma, diabetes (diabetic retinopathy), macular degeneration, high blood pressure, tumors, and other diseases. It is also very helpful in monitoring your eyes when you are on high risk medications.

air puff glaucoma test

Canon TX-F

It is a computerized gentle-air glaucoma testing. It allows accurate readings without the need for anesthetic eye drops. Our patients find it very pleasant and comfortable. We have other glaucoma testing methods available also.

visual field

OCTOPUS 311 Perimeter

Its the most advanced computerized visual field testing instrument we have found. It is very patient friendly, fast, and easy to perform screening of your peripheral vision. It is also very thorough and reliable for following high risk diseases such as glaucoma, and optic nerve anomalies where the peripheral vision is adversely affected.

woman eye exam equipment

Zeiss Cirrus OCT

Optical coherence tomography (OCT), first described in 1991, is a non-contact, noninvasive imaging technique that can reveal layers of the retina by looking at the interference patterns of reflected laser light. Automated software segmentation algorithms are able to outline the retinal nerve fiber layer with much precision, which is relevant in glaucoma since this layer is thinned as ganglion cells are lost. OCT became widely popular in 2002 with the release of Stratus OCT, a time-domain technology (TD-OCT) that was well-studied and validated for use in glaucoma and retina and went on to become a standard structural imaging test.

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